Compass Tutoring

The most valuable aspect of any tutoring program is being able to review practice tests and tailor improvements to student’s weaknesses. At compass tutoring we understand the overwhelming fear test takers experience on the D day, so we focus on minimizing this fear. Over the past years, we have worked with thousands of students who have been labeled “poor test takers”, not because they aren’t smart, but because the pressure of writing standardized test consumes them. So their test scores doesn’t always reflect their abilities.

Young virtuosos typically don’t perform well under glaring supervision. With time though, as they get used to the spotlight, thanks to many practices, virtuosos become less intimidated by the spotlight, and even seem to thrive with it. At Compass tutoring, the aim is to not just improve academic performance on test scores, but to create an environment where the student isn’t intimidated by time constraints.

How to Overcome Fear of Standardized Tests

We know the importance of test prep, so we focus more on real tests provided by SAT. Create the time crunching environment that puts pressure on students, rinse and repeat until students either let go of their fear, or learn to adapt to the pressurized environment. Here’s how we simulate the SAT environment.

All ACT and SAT tests are taken supervised and timed, like it would be on the exam day.

Students can’t skip from one section to another, they have to use up the full time allotted each section.

There are no interruptions during simulation. Students can’t decide they have something else to do mid test.

Only one break allowed every other hour

Tests are taken in a very quiet environment, like a library, and must be taken on a desk, not a couch.

No cell phones or electronic devices of any kind.

We believe that the secret to overcoming the fear and pressure of taking standardized tests is repetition. Once the right exam techniques have been mastered, focused practice is all a student needs to be a great standardized test taker. At compass tutoring, all practice tests taken are reviewed with the help of an expert tutor, who’s been hand picked to suit your learning style. If you’re a brilliant student who just can’t get pass the pressure standardized tests come with, we can help. If you’ve taken the ACT and SATs before graduation and need help analyzing your QAS and test info release, we can do that as well.

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