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vintage kids clothes

Vintage kid’s clothes are more likely to be made of natural material instead of the chemical-laden new fabric that is often used today. They are also designed with greater detail, include more embellishments, and are usually better.

Vintage kid’s clothes were not mass-produced for profit but were carefully put together with care and handwork by people who loved children. The results lead to clothes they love to wear. While many vintage clothing companies still exist today, most modern-day designs for children do not hold a candle aesthetically or functionally to those made decades ago. A few reasons why:

1) Vintage Kids Clothes Are Crafted With Love

When you choose vintage kids’ clothes, your child will be wearing an item lovingly crafted by someone passionate about creating beautiful things for children. These clothes are an investment and a way to connect with the parents of another child, perhaps in another time and place, who sewed similar outfits and lovingly made them for their children.

2) Quality Is More Important Than Quantity To Vintage Clothing Companies

Kids grow fast, so it’s important to pick quality clothing that withstands lots of wear and washing. Most vintage companies try to produce high-quality items that last much longer than cheap, mass-produced designs. They’re meant to be wearable art rather than disposable fashion.

3) Vintage Kids Clothes Are Made With Natural Fabrics

Today’s kids’ clothes often contain man-made materials which don’t breathe well and can retain heat and moisture close to the skin. Clothing companies now often use man-made materials such as cotton/polyester blends or artificial fibers, which can cause rashes if worn for too long. Vintage kids clothes are made with all-natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool – these absorb moisture and naturally keep kids cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

4) Authentic Details Were Added To Vintage Clothes Which Make Them Richer

Vintage outfits were embellished by hand with various trims, lace, and embroidery. Some vintage designs even used real fur on collars, cuffs, or hems of coats, hats, and muffs. These details make vintage garments more interesting than those mass-produced today – no two are ever alike.

5) Vintage Kids Clothes Are More Fun Than Modern Designs

Today’s children’s fashions are very uniform, catering to the taste of large retailers instead of individual preferences. Children wear styles influenced by celebrities rather than designers. While modern clothes aim for sameness that appeals to the widest market, vintage kids’ clothes were designed to let each child be their person. Families take pride in finding beautiful garments to make their little ones look special and unique.

You can find beautiful vintage designs at local yard sales or consignment shops, which are becoming more popular as baby boomers now have grandkids wearing clothes they no longer use. You might even have an antique store near you that carries hand-me-down vintage baby clothes in their inventory. Buying new is sometimes not affordable, but it’s important to keep your child in natural fabrics that will keep them healthy. While modern designs are often cheaply made, the low cost makes up for the lack of quality in poorer countries, where they are produced by exploited people who have no health care or safe working conditions.