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The best preparation for the ACT

While the ACT isn’t impossible to get a perfect score on, it requires proper knowledge on the topics that you’re going to get tested on. To be properly educated you need someone who is going to understand the way that you learn. Some can learn based solely on descriptions, others learn based on seeing others perform actions, some need to be taken step by step to do something. This ACT preparation program is one of the best sources for learning in California. The ACT has slightly different aspects than the SAT, but still follow the same format in terms of expectations.
All of the tutors are people who are incredibly well educated. Some of them have been to schools like Harvard, Stanford and Yale. They taken Math, English and Science classes that are far more difficult than what’s presented here. Not only can they help you with doing well on these tests, they can also help you do better in your AP classes. You can look for the specific tutor that you want. You can look at their descriptions and make a judgement on that based for yourself. All of them are going to give you a good idea of what that person is like.
Rates are something that are going to change with each place that offers this kind of education. An advance testing class will cost you $150 for an hour. That’s something that will let you practice for specific things that you want to work on for the ACT. There are also different tiers for tutoring. Getting a top tier tutor will cost $186 per hour and their worth every dollar. They have an understanding that would put most other teachers to shame in terms of how well they get their concepts across.
Klass tutoring offers sessions for people who want to take the ACT and SAT. You are almost guaranteed to increase your score by a few hundred points at the least. These sessions break down each test and philosophy that went into making them. That’s what makes going into these places a lot more welcoming than going into a classroom. You get to spend time with someone who wants to be there with you one-on-one and iron out your issues for the future. Not only can they help you do well on the tests, they can help on general academic classes. That’s why they offer general tutoring.

Compass Tutoring

The most valuable aspect of any tutoring program is being able to review practice tests and tailor improvements to student’s weaknesses. At compass tutoring we understand the overwhelming fear test takers experience on the D day, so we focus on minimizing this fear. Over the past years, we have worked with thousands of students who have been labeled “poor test takers”, not because they aren’t smart, but because the pressure of writing standardized test consumes them. So their test scores doesn’t always reflect their abilities.

Young virtuosos typically don’t perform well under glaring supervision. With time though, as they get used to the spotlight, thanks to many practices, virtuosos become less intimidated by the spotlight, and even seem to thrive with it. At Compass tutoring, the aim is to not just improve academic performance on test scores, but to create an environment where the student isn’t intimidated by time constraints.

How to Overcome Fear of Standardized Tests

We know the importance of test prep, so we focus more on real tests provided by SAT. Create the time crunching environment that puts pressure on students, rinse and repeat until students either let go of their fear, or learn to adapt to the pressurized environment. Here’s how we simulate the SAT environment.

All ACT and SAT tests are taken supervised and timed, like it would be on the exam day.

Students can’t skip from one section to another, they have to use up the full time allotted each section.

There are no interruptions during simulation. Students can’t decide they have something else to do mid test.

Only one break allowed every other hour

Tests are taken in a very quiet environment, like a library, and must be taken on a desk, not a couch.

No cell phones or electronic devices of any kind.

We believe that the secret to overcoming the fear and pressure of taking standardized tests is repetition. Once the right exam techniques have been mastered, focused practice is all a student needs to be a great standardized test taker. At compass tutoring, all practice tests taken are reviewed with the help of an expert tutor, who’s been hand picked to suit your learning style. If you’re a brilliant student who just can’t get pass the pressure standardized tests come with, we can help. If you’ve taken the ACT and SATs before graduation and need help analyzing your QAS and test info release, we can do that as well.

SAT ACT Tutoring Near Me

You have found what you think is ideal SAT or ACT tutoring and you are wondering what you should do to prepare for your lessons. The most important thing you can do at this stage is to make sure that you talk to your tutor about what you can expect. In fact, ask him or her if they can schedule some time – at least an hour – where you can talk about what you can expect going forward. Find out what kinds of strategies they plan to use during your sessions and also what they expect of you as a student.
It is very important that you know exactly what you want from your tutor. Here is an example. You have been great at math over the years but you don’t do very well in the sciences. Does it make any sense to spend half your time getting tutored on math concepts that you are already familiar with? Not quite; you should use most of your time getting familiar with science concepts that give you a hard time. Share with your tutor the areas where you really need help so that you can spend most of your time focusing on them.
That is not to say that you should ignore any of the subjects. You should make sure that you touch on each and every subject at least once a week and do a practice test to make sure that you are on top of things.
As you get tutored you shouldn’t forget the old saying – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You are still young and you need time off from your books to get some exercise, fresh air and time with family and friends.
If you don’t have a tutor yet try Klass Tutoring – they are highly experienced and have a high pass rate. You can find out more on