Danielle Arca is an experienced college admission counselor

Studying in the right college can make a major difference to the personal and professional life of a student. Getting a degree from a top college can help a student get a job in a reputed company. Yet it is often difficult to get admission to a reputed college, because there are a limited number of seats available and a large number of applicants to the college. Hence it is advisable for students and their parents to consult an experienced counsellor like Danielle Arca of ExpertAdmit who specializes in helping students get admission to the college of their choice, even if they do not have a brilliant academic record.

Danielle Arca has more than twenty years experience in counseling students at different levels like middle school, high school, college level. Hence parents can be assured that ms arca will work closely with their child to ensure that he or she gets the best deal. She has worked with a large number of students of different backgrounds to help them get admission to the college of their choice. A large number of students who do not speak English are also interested in studying in the United States, and ms arca can easily communicate with them since she is multilingual speaking Spanish, German, French.

Since she is a licensed mental health counselor, ms arca is well qualified to handle different kinds of students. She will spend time with the student to understand their interests, skills, expertise, plans for the future and academic history. Based on the interests of the student and using her own extensive experience she will advise the student on suitable colleges, where they can apply for admission. In some cases, the student may not have a good academic record till date, she will also help the student improve their academic record, implementing suitable measures like improved study techniques.

It is important to ensure that the student is admitted to a college where he can manage the academics and also make friends. If the student does not like the college, he may want to change the college after a semester or a year, which is again a tedious and expensive process. So after interacting with the student, she will recommend the ideal colleges for the student. She will also help the student in the admission process, helping them fill the forms, providing advice on preparing the essays, reviewing the application for errors and answering the entrance exams if required.

One of the main advantages of using the services of Ms arca is that she specializes in getting admission for students who are not academically brilliant. She understands that each student has a special talent and the student may be an athlete, dancer, musician or artist. Many colleges have reserved some seats for students who excel in sports or other activities. Hence ms arca will discover the hidden talent in each student and market the talent to the college, to improve their chances of admission. Though ExpertAdmit is headquartered in Aspen, Colorado, has an office in Miami, students worldwide can benefit from ms arca’s expertise.

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