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What you need to know about timeshare claims

Timeshare is a hard product to get out of. Timeshare costs are often very high, the contracts are not easy to break and lawyers are few and far between for this area of law. So what can be done?

The first thing you need to do if you want to make a claim against your timeshare company is to get a good lawyer. You can use a simple search engine to find one that is close to you. This is important because there are many companies on the Internet who claim they can help you, but really cannot do much for you, and some will actually cheat you out of your money.

There are three main areas of law that you can try to make your claim under. These are contract, misrepresentation and Trespass to Land.

You cannot use the Misrepresentation Act 1967 if this is to do with a timeshare product as it does not apply to leases or other rights over land! This means that only two areas of law are open to you.

The first is under contract law. You make a claim that you were given misinformation when buying the timeshare and this led to the contract being enforced wrongly.

The second area of law open to you is Trespass to Land. This area of law says that if someone other than your invitee (someone who they allowed onto their land) is on your land without your permission, then the trespasser should be removed. This is because you have a right to exclusive possession of your land.

This could be used to say that if someone buys a timeshare, they are not invitees of the company selling them the timeshare. Therefore, you get rid of the problem by breaking their uninvited contract with the company that sold them the timeshare.

This is very complex, and you should speak to a lawyer for more help. You can use a search engine to find one near to you who specialises in claims against timeshare companies.


· Can be used for free!

· Open to anyone in the UK.


· No experience – can make things very hard.

· Limited way of doing it (only use Trespass to Land).

Who qualifies for this?

Anyone who has a timeshare, or anyone who is thinking of buying one. Anyone else needs to look for alternative ways of getting rid of their timeshare.

What you need to qualify:

· An invitation for someone who then comes onto your land without permission. This could be invited by the company selling the timeshare or by the person selling their timeshare.

· You need permission for this (so you cannot use it yourself, only on behalf of someone else).

What to do:

1) Try and find a lawyer who can represent you under Trespass to Land law. This is very hard, but if there are any near to you, they will be able to help. If not, look at how else you can get out of your timeshare.

2) Ask them for a free initial consultation with an actual lawyer or someone who knows the law under Trespass to Land well.

3) Discuss your options with them and see what is best for you and where you stand. The advantage of Trespass to Land is that it is free, so if you can do it under that or get another lawyer who specialises in the area to help you, then this would be very helpful.

Questions to Ask Azure Resorts Limited Agents

You can’t blame yourself if you would want to invest a timeshare property in Azure resorts limited because they just have a nice place over there. Before deciding to show the money, better ask the sales agents a few questions. The first would be the amenities that you can enjoy whenever you are there. Also, better ask if parking is included as it may be tough to look for parking when you get to a place that is always full of people. That may be a good sign but it won’t be a good feeling when you are finally there and trying to enjoy the time that is given to you. You would certainly want to make the most out of what you have since it is impossible to be on vacation all the time unless you are pretty rich and you would want nothing more than to enjoy what life has given to you. There will be times when you will get tired of all the amenities that are there so better ask them if they would add amenities every now and then. When that happens, you would feel motivated of going there when you hear that you have a pool to swim in and a gym to work out at. We all know how we would want to keep in great shape when we go on vacation as that is one of the things that we would want to have a great time with. It is those moments that you will want to treasure forever.

One well-known question to ask Azure resorts limited agents would be the payment options as they could present an opportunity to make a loan. They are aware that not everyone brings a huge pile of cash with them wherever they would go to. In fact, it is possible to make a down payment after making a few signatures and presenting a valid ID right away. It is one of those things that you would want to think twice which is why you must take your time in analyzing all the factors that will come into your decision in making a great play for your money. Most of the agents would just care about getting their commission right away so better not deal with someone who is that desperate. Better talk to agents who care about having people blow them off with interest on how you are going to get this done in the least possible time. Just when you can’t contain the excitement, the sales agents will look to take advantage so better ask them how soon you can go there and become the official owners of the timeshare property. All properties are different and we all know how there are a lot of documents that need to be signed. As a result, you know you would need to take care of so many things in order to get this thing done and enjoy your moments there whenever you decide to go on vacation.

How to Exit My Timeshare

If you’re asking how to exit my timeshare, then this is the article for you. Here, you’ll learn the things that you need to do if you want to get rid of your timeshare. So you’ve probably come to the realization that money is draining fast from your bank account because of the timeshare fees that you are paying every single month. It’s hard to accept at first that you’ve made a wrong decision but you must do something if you don’t want to lose more money. For your peace of mind, you need to know that there is a way to get rid of your timeshare. Check out the tips below.

Maybe you can still back out

Do you need that there is a short period of time where you can still take back your timeshare purchase? This is known as the recession period. But you need to know that this is only a short period of time. And the length of the recession period differs from state to state. It ranges from two days to up to fifteen days.

You need to check your state to know how long the recession period is. Also, you bought your timeshare outside the U.S., then you need to check the law of that country in terms of the timeshare. If you’re still under the recession period, then you can simply walk away from the timeshare without any consequences. But there are steps you need to take.

Write a letter of cancellation

If you’re still under the recession period and you want to exit your timeshare, then the next thing that you need to do is to write a letter of cancellation. In your letter, you’ll need to state your intention that you want to get rid of your timeshare. A word of advice though, it can be hard to find the mailing address of a resort sometimes. You may need to do some research in order to find it.

Some resorts actually hide their mailing address to make it hard for timeshare holders to cancel their purchase. What you need to know is that you’re legally entitled to knowing the address of the resort. The resort is legally required to provide you with their mailing address and other means to send them the letter. The good news is, some states won’t start the cancellation period until you get the address of the resort and instructions of how to cancel your timeshare.

Make sure that the resort gets your letter

You can’t rest after you’ve mailed your letter. You need to make sure that the resort actually got your letter. Some resorts may pretend that they have lost your letter. This is why it’s advisable that you mail the letter using USPS certified mail. This way, the resort will have to sign as proof that they have received the letter. People asking how to exit my timeshare need to know that they are not trapped. There’s a way for them to get rid of their timeshare.