Aluminium trolley case

What You Should Know about Aluminium Trolley Case

Classically designed and modeled for everyday use as a storage carrier that adapts to any form of occasion. Five Star company still excelled in the manufacture of quality Aluminium Trolley cases.

Unique Design

The Trolley case is highly coated with a durable and robust aluminum shell all round to prevent scratches or bumps when traveling or when in contact with other items.The Upper part level can be unclipped and depend on the size of the case; some have up to five levels.The lowest level usually got enough space for storage of heavy equipment or electricals; it can subdivide into other sections if one would want to have things separate.This partitions can be removed if not necessary.

It has two wheels on one side and an easy to pull handle that can easily be switched to trolley mode to make movement easier.There is a removable carrying strap

The inside has fillings, locks and much more that can easily be closed. Custom design of either an EVA OR DIY foam can be included to allow space for accessories of any shape. This type of foam is both on the lid and the bottom. The surfaces are custom made with silver to prevent damage.

Advantages of UsingĀ  Aluminium Trolley Case

Although many cases are used in storage, this one gives a different impression because of its exquisite quality material that cannot be found in other cases.This content is also environment-friendly. Besides this, the stuff is proven as hard proof and does not quickly wear out or break.Carrying this case is simple since it is lightweight. The aluminum trolley case makes packaging more comfortable because of the interior that has sub divisions and a tool board.


This case is fashionable enough to accord one a simple lifestyle yet with comfort and easy to move around than any traditional case. Almost every accessory can fit perfectly without difficulty in removing them.

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