Best Free Music Marketing Tools

There are many free resources that you can exploit to take your music marketing campaign to another level. Without much ado, here are the top 4 and how to use them well:

1.       Mailing list

Your weekly or monthly newsletter is a free advertising tool that provides you with a chance to pass information to your fans. Take advantage of it, and reach your fans seamlessly. It is advisable to send out at least one newsletter every month.

2.       Website

Many artists tend to underestimate the power of websites when it comes to music promotion. On the contrary, a website is one of the best music marketing tools. Fans want one-stop platform where they can watch your videos, listen to your latest tracks, learn about any upcoming shows or events, and find more about you. The easier it is to find more about you, the simpler it becomes for them to follow you. What’s more, venues are biased towards musicians who represent themselves professionally by having a well organized online presence.

3.       YouTube

Contrary to what many artists believe, YouTube is a marketing tool. It provides your fans a 3-dimenional idea of what you represent. Strive to upload videos more often and share them widely. Think of it as your virtual business card.

4.       Social media

Every artist should leverage on the power of social media. Social media will work for you if you let it. Half-spirited posts, lengthy posts that your fans find it hard to get through, untimed status updates, over-positing, and inviting people in Los Angeles to your show in Pennsylvania are some of the ridiculous social media mistakes that you should avoid. To make social media work for you, strive to read some of the best social media practices.


The above list isn’t exhaustive. There are many more tools that you can exploit. Just ensure that you have a solid marketing strategy to put them into action.

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