Ppc management bristol.

Many PPC Managers will be on the lookout for a new job. They will have to take the next step and stop being their agency’s PPC expert. You see, one of their roles as an account manager or supervisor is to build out a team that can support your clients in any stage of the marketing funnel. They will also need to be across all aspects of an account, from planning through execution with analytics reporting.

If your agency has a PPC department, make sure that the team will have the required skills to meet your clients’ needs. Otherwise, you may have to create a new one.

But how can you be sure that your agency will have the best PPC team on their side? Here are some essential areas to consider:

Consultancy skills

Don’t hire a PPC specialist if you are looking for a consultant. A specialist will have more technical skills and is experienced in managing a campaign. A consultant, on the other hand, is more focused on the business side of things and will be able to identify new ways to improve campaign performance.

PPC technical skills

A good PPC specialist can help you to plan, set up, optimise, report and always keep your campaign running to the highest standards at all times. One of the most important skills for a PPC expert is the ability to analyse data accurately and identify the best possible course of action for an account.

In-depth knowledge of Google products

Meet your agency’s expectations by making sure they have a solid understanding of Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Your PPC experts should also be well-versed in the new features of both platforms and be able to advise you on the most useful.

Good understanding of conversion tracking and Google Optimisation

You can tell that your agency has a solid grasp of this by being comfortable with implementing Google Analytics Conversion tracking or EU Cookie Consent tracking into their clients’ campaigns. The knowledge they have in this area can also help them to better understand why data is showing as it does in your AdWords account.

Experience in managing multiple accounts at the same time

You will want your agency to be able to manage several campaigns at once, so they will need to understand that while Google AdWords and Google Analytics are separate platforms, they do share some features. For example, you can use the same keywords in both tools. If you constantly have to juggle between many different accounts then you need to know how to make sure all the campaigns are running smoothly.

Ability to handle client inquiries

It’s unlikely that the PPC Manager is the only point of contact that your clients have with your agency so they will need to be able to handle questions and support them accordingly. They will also need to be able to deal with challenges such as poor quality scores or difficult accounts. Have you ever thought about what happens if your client has a problem after hours? Can your PPC team manage this on their own?

Multi-tasking skills

This is a huge one. You don’t want your PPC team to be too limited by their role and not be able to create any new campaigns, manage existing ones or even just answer general client questions. That’s why you need a multi-tasker that can manage orders coming in from the clients and keep your team running smoothly.


Always make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job. If you aren’t getting the results your agency should be providing, then it’s time for a change. Hiring the right PPC team is key to producing a campaign that delivers real results and an agency that can manage it all is your first step.

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