Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counseling refer to the process of assisting individuals to unearth and develop vocational, educational and psychological potential to achieve success. In the school environment, guidance and counseling refer to the process of helping students to discover their skills, personality, and interests thus guide them in career selection.
Guidance and counseling distinguished
Guidance is a process in which an individual discovers their interest, ability, and values. This helps them be in a position to overcome challenges that they may face.
Counseling entails sharing thoughts between groups. It is also a process in which a counselor and a counselee are involved in a deep discussion about the counselee’s interest and plans.
Importance of guidance and counseling to students
Helps students make good career choices. Often, students put much focus on their academics and ignore to asses themselves so as to determine the careers that suit them. Guidance and counseling for students help them do a thorough assessment of themselves. This way, they are able to discover their abilities, interests, and personalities which guide them on choosing the right career path.
Guidance and counselling in school prepare students to deal with problems they may encounter in career life and also in the day- to –day life. The career journey is not always smooth and without proper guidance, one may easily give up on their career due to challenges that arise along the career path. Counselors in school advice students on the problems they may encounter and also how to deal with them. Students also get a chance to share the problems they could be encountering and are advised on ways of solving them.
Helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses. Guidance and counseling involve a deep self-assessment and this may help students discover their abilities and personalities. Consequently, it makes them discover their strengths and also find means of sharpening them. Additionally, they are able to know their weaknesses and are advised on ways of minimizing them. All this makes students excel in career and daily life.
Helps students acquire important life values. School counseling sessions allow students to learn crucial life values like time management. In most occasions, students do not understand how they can effectively manage their time. Counselors, however, help them organize time schedules that help them manage school and leisure hours.
Common problems that school counselors handle
Bullying, it is the duty of a counselor to advice students being bullied and also helps them cope with the situation. Additionally, counselors identify bullies and try to find out the root course of their behavior.
Substance abuse, there is usually a lot of peer pressure in schools and students pressurize each other into drug abuse and alcoholism. A counselor advises students on the effects of drug abuse and thus prevents them from going into substance abuse.
Family issues, some students are usually faced by multiple home issues such as divorcing parents or never-present parents and this usually have a detrimental effect on their education. Counselors help them to cope with those challenges.
Ever imagined a school without a guiding and counselor? It would definitely not work. Students go through important phases in life and need counselors to guide them through. Guidance and counseling are thus very crucial in the school environment.

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