British Boys Boarding Schools

Finding one of the best British boys’ boarding schools for your son to attend is a great idea, but what if he isn’t too keen on going there? Not all teens are prepared to go to boarding school. There are some who like the comforts of home, and they would rather stay there until they have to leave for university. Is there anything you can do to make it easier for your son?
The most important thing is to allow them to be involved in the choice of school they attend. If they are reluctant to leave home you should make it clear to them that the decision is made and there isn’t much that they can do about it, but they can help choose which school they would rather attend. Give him a list of schools that you have shortlisted and ask him to do some research and choose two or three that he likes best.
Once he has made his choice it is time for you to visit the campuses – your son seeing where he will go to school might wear down his resistance somewhat. Most British boys’ boarding schools have an open day when parents can come along with their children to learn more about the school. Your son will be able to meet his teachers and see his living quarters, and he can have all his questions and concerns addressed.
If your child is still having difficulty you can ask the school to provide a counsellor who can talk to him about what he can expect once he reports for classes – many children worry about going to boarding school because they don’t know what to expect. A conversation with someone who knows the school may be just what they need to put their minds at ease.
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