Storage chest trunk

Mossman Storage Trunks
Are you looking for somewhere to safely keep your belongings? Storage trunks offer you with the most suitable storage space that you need. Whether you need extra space for your tools or personal items, Mossman storage trunks offer you with the solution.
Mossman Trunks have been hand-built in Great Britain and have been around since 1938. Over the past seven decades, they have used the same construction methods and have remained the first choice for vintage luggage and traditional style storage trunks.
The company manufactures different rages of the trunks based on the size, color, traditional, Harris tweed, industrial, and furniture range.  They have 14 different sizes of the trunks, whether you need a small boarding trunk or a large trunk for industrial equestrian use. They have all the sizes to ensure that your needs are well met.
Traditional range
The traditional range is by far the most popular style of trunk and tuck boxes manufactured by Mossman.  They have to lack rigid PVC edging and nickel plated brass effect fittings.  These have differing colors and sizes that you can choose from.
Furniture Range
The furniture range trunks are the most suitable pieces of furniture to have around your home. Some of the designs they have include the bedside table trunks, Otterman style, coffee table and the wardrobe trunks. You can also have storage trunks for your little one to store their toys. The furniture range offers you with stylish home furniture that is not easy to find on the high street.  You can get yourself something unique for use in the home or bedroom.
Harris Tweed Range
This is the most common all-size trunk and tucks boxes that are offered in natural hand-woven Harris Tweed fabric covering with traditional black rigid PVC edging, and nickel plated brass effect fittings.
The industrial range
Mossman Company designed and developed the industrial trunk ranges at the beginning of the new millennium. They are offered in attractive colors and sizes that are similar to the traditional range but differ in construction as they are constructed to fit the modern methods. This type of trunk has a wooden frame pinned and glued together and then equipped with a hard wearing aluminum edge and matching sturdy silver color fittings.  This is the ideal combination of beauty and strength.
The company has gone ahead to ensure that their products come with accessories. They offer padlocks, lettering and embossing, wheels, spare keys, parts and trunks fittings, and rubber feet.  This ensures that you can use your storage chest with a lot of conveniences.

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