How to Keep a Lush Garden during Summer

It’s generally harder to care for a lawn during summer since it’s a dry season.  Most home owners tend to cut the grass too short, water too little or neglect the gardens altogether. To avoid these common mistakes, take time to learn how to care for a garden during the dry season or hire a professional to do it. This will ensure the grass is properly looked after and allow you to spend your free time on your hobbies. Below are important steps involved in caring for the lawn:
The lawn should be maintained regularly
Lawn professionals are able to properly maintain the lawn during summers because they have the experience and knowledge to do so. Some of the common services that they offer include weeding, leaf-blowing and edging. They will keep the grass slightly longer during summer as this height of grass is drought resistant and will keep weeds away. They ensure that they cut the grass every week to avoid long clippings which put pressure on the lawn.
Mulching is equally important
It is important to mulch the lawn to prevent nutrients and moisture from escaping. This will allow grass to receive important organic material which encourages healthy growth. If you are doing this on your own, it could be overwhelming as there is a large variety of mulch to choose from. These include red mulch, cypress, wood chip, pin needle and playground mulch. Having a professional asses your lawn and choose the right mulch for your garden will ensure that the grass retains the nutrients that it needs. Experts will also advice on the right equipment to use.
Maintaining irrigation
No matter how small your garden is, you will need an irrigation system to maintain it during the summer.  A correctly functioning system will irrigate the lawn without wasting water. It is, however, important to watch out for leaks in the pipes. If you detect an area that’s overgrown greener or always damp than others, chances are that one of the pipes is leaking or the sprinkler head is defective. Immediately contact a professional to help you fix it to save on water bills.
It is possible to maintain lush gardens during the summers. Being committed to taking care of the lawn and seeking professional help will help keep your outside area attractive. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the grass is watered regularly and fertilized to encourage healthy growth. This way, the lawn won’t look any different that it does during rainy seasons.

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