Construction tape features and applications

During construction work and painting, liquids often get spilled on other surfaces like flooring, walls and furniture. These liquids will discolor the surface, and removing the liquid is time consuming. After the spilled liquid solidifies, removing it is difficult and may also damage the other surfaces. Repainting the damaged surface is an additional expensive. Hence most construction companies and painters are using masking tapes to cover surfaces during construction work so that they do not get damaged. The tapes can also be used for temporary marking. Some of the different types of tape construction, their specifications, features are listed below.

Range of tapes

Walther Strong is one of the leading suppliers of waterproof deck tape construction tape in the United Kingdom. For construction applications they have a wide range of tapes like

  • Clean room construction tape – widely used and described in detail below
  • desk tape
  • masking tape
  • HD orange scrip tape
  • legendary grandad tape
  • Galago double sided tape
  • renderpro tape
  • ultimate duct tape
  • fire rated veil tape
  • flashing tape
  • self expanding foam tape
  • white scrim tape

Construction tape

The deck joist sealing tape is orange in color and 50 mm wide. The buyer can purchase one roll of 33 m for testing it. For bulk purchases, to save on shipping he can also order 24 rolls at a time. One the main advantages of using this construction tape is that it has ribbing, so that it can be easier torn off, making it ideal for decoration applications. Most other tapes require a scissor or knife for cutting a piece of the tape, only this tape is suitable for easy tearing by hand. It provides electrical insulation for voltages of up to 600 volt. The tape is used as an alternative to clamps, screws and nails.


One of the reasons why the tape is very popular is because it can be easily removed when the construction work is over. It leaves no marks or adhesive on the surface where it is applied, after it has been removed. This saves a significant amount of time and money for the user, since no additional cleaning of the surface is required. The tape is extremely cohesive and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. However, it is advisable to test the tape on a small area of the surface before using larger quantities of the tape. The tape is also very adhesive and will stick well to the surface.


Decking tape 50mm can be used as a replacement for duct tape for construction and related applications. It can also be used for marking the floor and color coding when entry to some areas is restricted. Additionally in some cases, the tape can be used for sealing to protect delicate surfaces while doing construction work in the area. For joinery applications, typically clamps, screws, nails are used, which are time consuming to fix. Using the tape will save time. Additionally the tape can also be used for a large number of art and craft applications, since it does not damage the boards, canvases, and can be easily re-positioned.

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