Why do you need a Prodata weather station today

Are you looking forward to installing a reliable yet affordable weather station in the UK? Then consider Prodata, a leading supplier of reliable Davis weather stations instruments in the UK. It works weather stations both in cabled and wireless models, depending on your weather measurement needs.

Make your online order with confidence that you’re transacting with Davis experts; we’ve been dealing in Davis weather stations for the past 20 years, so we have got extensive expertise about a wide range of Davis products.

Why do you need our weather stations information guides?

Besides, we cover a wide range of aspects of installing your weather station smoothly, either for education, club use, and commercial or even for personal interests. Our unrivaled and easy-to-understand plain English piece of advice is ideal for anyone interested in buying a reliable yet cost-effective weather station. These automatic weather statins help you measure and log the current weather conditions.

Our experts can also help you with technical assistance when connecting your automatic weather station to your PC. Remember, such a connection eases your data analysis logging. Moreover, we can help you set up your live weather analyzing and reporting website.

For over 20 years, Prodata Weather Systems we’ve specialized in supplying these automatic weather stations and creating Davis knowledgebase weather systems. Our high-quality products have been in use as the authoritative weather support resources globally. We’re committed to offering genuine expertise, extremely competitive pricing, and the best services possible.

Our main product menu comprises a detailed description of every weather station and its accessories. Linking your weather station to the Internet or PC is a critical feature of a modern weather station. As explained in the Data Loggers introductory section, our experts will help you connect your weather station to any options available today.

You can reach us today via phone call or email. Visit us today for general buying advice or choose from our detailed buying guide below. You can also visit our Main Advice section.

Please visit our secure online shop and make an order. For any assistance, you can reach us via email or calling us via (0333 666 4175). We’re glad to hear your opinion and give an instant response.

Kindly visit our Request More information section for more details on how to get further details about any weather station product.

Who needs our weather station statics guides?


Are you new to weather station connections and data analysis? Then our short and reliable weather station introduction will help understand some basic facts about weather stations for accurate weather measurement results.


If you’re a weather enthusiast who loves every detail about weather, then our weather station will help you grasp every weather detail you need for accurate weather analysis.

Sports activities.

Our weather stations for sports are designed to cater to your accurate weather prediction during your outdoor leisure activities and sports.


These weather stations are specifically designed for higher education training and school of various learning capacities.

Live Web Data.

These weather stations are meant for live weather statistics and data for your website.


Are you looking forward to installing a weather station in your garden or your agriculture and horticulture farms? These agriculture weather stations have everything you need for accurate weather prediction in your garden.

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