Wearable technology

What do you think he future will consist of? How far off do you see the technology you imagine becoming a reality. Well, we may not have to wait that long for a wearable tech to revolutionize the world. Today we stand on the verge of great new innovations that have been invented through collaborative efforts. This only goes to show the ability of mankind to push the boundaries of what is supposed to be impossible.
 This is no small feat. With wearable technology now able to tell your skin temperature, heart rate, breathing rate while you undertake any given activity. Furthermore you can simply wear it all through to be alerted when something like your body temperature is above or below the required. This means that you can be notified about impending sickness before it becomes severe. Isn’t modern technology a marvel. A few years back this was the stuff of science fiction but is a reality today. Makes me wonder where the next decade will lead human innovation.
 Today in sports participants are able to use wearable technology to better know their strengths and to better their chances of winning. Cyclists, for example, can monitor their heart rate and muscle fatigue. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg; this technology can now be used to determine how humans interact with machines like cars and the likes. Companies can now determine one’s reaction to a product based solely on emotional outlay. No more questionnaires in order to get feedback, you can simply use body-worn sensor technology that will collect authentic real world data which can then be translated into a simple index representation of that person’s reaction.
 On a more serious side of things, wearable technology has been adapted to military use being deployed in training to improve efficiency, safety and training practices in general. This enables the trainers to have objective data that has been validated and can be used to develop better training practices and to ensure that the training is efficient. This also provides the trainers with a better understanding of individual and group or squad performance in regards to stressful situations like sleep deprivation and fatigue. This will, in turn, provide a better understanding and knowledge of real time situations as they develop.
 When you think wearable technology it’s no longer the watch that came as an accessory with your smartphone. The technology world is on the move and doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon.

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