PR Metal

Metal music is a genre that isn’t very easy to sell – although it has many fans it can be hard to convince them to listen to newcomers. If you have a metal album and you are keen to gain a following the best thing you can do is hire a PR firm that has experience marketing metal music. There are many PR firms that promote music, but that doesn’t mean that they will be able to promote metal properly .You should be looking for a company that has promoted this specific genre successfully in the past. Here is what else you should be looking for:
•    Make sure that the company gives you references. They may not give you the names of the particular artists they have worked with, but they should be able to put you in touch with someone in their circles who can tell you more about their experience with the PR firm.
•    Before you hire any PR firm they should present you with a plan of what they plan to do to promote your metal. Where will they seek publicity? Will they book you on any gigs? Will they help you make it to special events where you can garner new fans? The more detailed the plan the better.
•    Make sure that the PR firm has the capacity and ability to do an effective online promotion. Most people now get their music from the web, so if you aren’t there they may never find you. You should hire a PR firm that can create and manage a website and also help you with a social media presence.
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