Inflatable Hair Basin

How do you know that you are choosing the right inflatable hair basin? There are lots of different types available and you know that going with the first one you come across is not a good idea. But what should you be looking for? Are there some qualities that distinguish a good inflatable hair basin from a bad one? As a matter of fact there are, and here is what you ought to be looking for:
•    Make sure that you buy an inflatable wash basin that is durable. You may be buying it to use on someone who will be bedridden for a short time, or you may need it for the long term. Either way you want to get real value for your money.
•    Make sure that you buy from a vendor who offers you a guarantee. If your inflatable hair basin is delivered and you discover that there is something wrong with it you want to get it replaced for free or get a full refund, no questions asked.
•    You should be looking for a hair basin that suits your particular needs. If you are taking care of a person who cannot get out of bed you need a wash basin that can be contoured to the bed without any spillages, but if they can sit up, like on a chair or wheel chair then you can find a wash basin that can be clipped onto the chair.
•    The inflatable basin should be easy to inflate. If you have an air pump at home this may not be a problem, but if you don’t you will have to inflate the basin by mouth.
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