Crane Hire Companies

One of the things you have to do before you hire a crane is compare different crane hire companies so that you can see which one offers the best deal. Comparing crane hire companies is rather different from comparing other types of businesses – these companies lease out very heavy equipment and if you don’t chose your vendor carefully you may find yourself in big trouble with a failed crane. There are several things that you should look at when you are comparing crane hire companies.
The first is the kind of cranes that they have. There are many different kinds of cranes in the market, and different companies hold different ones. You should look for companies that have the particular kind of crane that you want. It is not enough that they have it in their books – it should be available for hire the day you need it and should be at your disposal for the hire duration.
The other thing you ought to look into is the safety record of the company. There are some crane hire companies that have frequent accidents, usually because they rely on old equipment or hire incompetent drivers. Whatever the case you don’t want to be dealing with such a crane hire company.
You should also find out how much the company charges compared to others in the area. While this is probably not the best way to choose a crane hire company it can be quite telling. If a company has very low rates you should ask yourself why – are they using outdated cranes, poor drivers or exactly why are they able to hire cranes at such low rates?
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