Carpet Fitting

You have a bought a wonderful home at a bargain price and one of the things you have to do before you move in is make a decision about the flooring. The floors are rather worn and you don’t quite have the money to install new ones. This shouldn’t make you like your new home any less. If you choose carpet fitting you will have wonderful looking floors and no one will be any wiser until you can put money together for a new floor. Carpets come with many advantages; here are just a few:
•    The most obvious, in your case at least, is that carpet fitting will save you money. A new floor is expensive. If you choose a high quality one, such as wood, you will pay even more. Carpets in every room will look good and you will only have spent a fraction of what new flooring would cost.
•    Carpets come in all designs and colours which gives you the opportunity to give your new home a unique and original look. You can have all the rooms done in the same colour and design, or you can have each done to suit its use and occupant.
•    Carpets will save you quite a bit of money when it comes to insulation. In winter months floors can become very cold and heating them costs money. If you choose carpet fitting your floors will never get that cold and even if you have to heat them it will not cost you nearly as much.
•    Carpets also have acoustic benefits. If you don’t want sound to carry from room to room carpet fitting is a perfect solution.
Contact Sawston Carpets and Flooring for your carpet fitting – they have them in many colours and designs and you will find something for every kind of decor. You can have a look here:

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