Cambridge 6th Form College

Your sixth form exams are coming up and you have decided that you would like to join a Cambridge 6th form college so that you can adequately prepare for them. What kind of school should you be looking for? Your choice to go to a school in Cambridge is an excellent one. There are several good sixth form colleges in the city and so long as you work hard you can be assured of getting yourself a place in a good university. As for which school you should choose you should take a few factors into account:
•    How well does the school perform? Many of the private 6th form colleges in Cambridge get very high grades every year but you shouldn’t assume that any you pick will be good enough. Take some time and look at the past performance of the school you have in mind. You can ask for results going back a few years – they will not show you the names of the students but you will be able to see what percentage of students get passing grades every year.
•    Think about the subjects you want to take in sixth form in relation to the courses that you want to do when you get into university. Are you set on the sciences or the arts? There are some schools that lean heavily towards the sciences while others give more emphasis to the arts. Which type of school would you like to attend?
•    Are you interested in any extracurricular activities and would you like to do them at school? If yes, you should choose a school that provides the sort of activities you are interested in.
We suggest the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies – it does very well every year and has a wide range of other activities that you can choose from. You can find out more on

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