Building Companies Cambridge

The time has come for you to choose your building company in Cambridge and you are wondering what you should take into account as you make this important decision. You cannot afford to look online and choose the first one that you find – although they may be listed at the top of search results you have no way of knowing whether they are really as good as they claim to be. You cannot afford to make any mistakes when you are choosing a building company – whether you are doing renovations or building a house from scratch you will be spending a lot of money and any mistakes will make you go over-budget.
The first thing you should look at is the previous work that the company has done. They should show you a portfolio of works completed in the last year, especially projects that are similar to the one that you want done. Ask them to provide you with contact information of at least 3 clients that you can talk to. Visit their projects to see whether the quality of work is as claimed and then talk to the homeowners to find out whether they were happy with their contractor.
You should be very careful about the issue of materials used. The building company is in charge of sourcing everything that will be used for construction but this doesn’t mean that you should leave everything to them. Many cut corners in order to save costs, so you should keep an eye on whatever materials they use to do your construction.
MJ Salmon & Son is one of the best building companies in Cambridge and they are known for the high quality of construction that they undertake. You can see some of their work on

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