Boarding School Cambridge

The Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS) is truly a unique place to study. With a supportive and caring environment, CCSS prepares students for an enriching and rewarding college – university experience. With inspirational teachers and small tuition groups, students receive personalized attention designed to achieve their educational goals. With a diverse study body and faculty, CCSS prides itself on encouraging independence – free thinking – and maturity. In fact, so many of our graduates have gone on to lucrative careers after college. If looking for daytime classes of boarding, you’ve truly come to the right place.
The CCSS Experience
CCSS effectively prepares students for college and university-level work. However, we also teach students vital skills they can carry and use for everyday life. We also celebrate diversity through learning, cultural events, and symposiums that illuminate and enlighten minds. Whether preparing for college-entrance exams or courses, we offer a myriad of universal courses designed to exceed learning. Similarly, we offer a range of liberal arts and science courses -all nestled within pro-active and productive learning environments. With financial assistance and college placement services available, CCSS offers domestic and international students a great place to learn and grow.
Advanced Studies for All Students
CCSS offers advanced studies for students of all levels.  From course-specific to extra-curricular activities, our level of personal support is simply unsurpassed. Similarly, it’s our students that make CCSS a unique and great place to learn and build vital life skills. Whether wishing to become a fashion designer, scientist, author or more -we can turn your educational and career dreams into realities. With a base built on confidence and enriching education, CCSS continues to be your premier UK learning academy. In fact, we are a fully-accredited institution that continues to receive stellar reviews from students and industry monitors alike. With this in mind, we invite you to contact us and start your educational journey today!

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