Benefits of loft extension

Loft extension refers to the process of adding height to a building using a mezzanine floor or floors (glazed skylights can also serve as an extension). This is used in industrial warehouses and other tall buildings. Loft extension has several advantages over other methods of increasing the total usable space in a building, such as underpinning.

Benefits of loft extension

  1. Loft extensions are a cost-effective way of increasing a building’s usable floor area

Lofts are cheap to add and require little additional construction. An extension can be done without the need to change or demolish existing parts of the building, which would be required if a new storey were built. They can also be done in stages, adding extra floor space at any time. Extending the usable area of a building by extending the loft is an economical alternative to underpinning or constructing new floors.

  1. Extensions can change the look of a building quickly and easily

Extensions can be added as an afterthought, and do not require major structural changes to take place. A loft extension that isn’t signposted as such is often used in commercial buildings to increase the overall floor area or simply to provide extra space. This can be done without altering the outside appearance of the building or complementing it.

  1. Makes a room more attractive and spacious

Loft extensions also offer several practical benefits. They expand existing living areas to make a room larger, giving a home or workplace more space. This can be used to create reading or TV rooms, or simply add extra floor space, essentially making the property as a whole more desirable.

  1. Loft spaces can be used to create an extra bedroom

Loft extension can be an effective way of getting more use out of the space in a building. Rather than simply adding extra living space, it’s possible to add an extra bedroom by converting the loft into a self-contained area. This can be especially useful in attics that are already being used as bedrooms. Converting a loft in this way makes these spaces useful and practical, as well as adding value to the property overall.

  1. They can be used to create additional bathrooms

Considering creating a loft extension? The opportunity also exists to add an extra bathroom, especially where there is already a second smaller loft. This will give you and your family more privacy, as well as extend the space of the home or building. This can be done by renting out an area to a tenant or simply changing from one large room into two smaller but more practical rooms.

  1. Add value to the property

The increase in space that a loft extension facilitates can make a building more attractive to potential purchasers. This can add value to the property, and make it easier to sell. They are also attractive to tenants, as well as increase the overall space for socializing.

There are several benefits of loft extension, with the option offering many advantages over other methods. Adding loft space instead of new floors is not only quick and easy to do but can also be relatively low cost. It’s also easier to implement than underpin. Loft spaces can be used for a range of purposes, from adding extra floor space to making a room more attractive and practical. These are all beneficial considerations when investing in property for sale or renting.

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